The types of activities for volunteers vary a great deal depending on the needs of the ongoing work of Compassionet Impact Development Canada as well as what skills and talents volunteers bring to situations.  Volunteers can:

Support the Compassionet Homes initiative by:

  • Taking on renovation or repair projects.
  • Joining the ongoing home build team.
  • Joining a building project of another organization such as a local church or charity.

Develop an event for the community/neighbourhood:

Events for children and youth:

  • children’s sports clinics
  • musical workshops
  • arts and crafts afternoons
  • a street carnival
  • a games day
  • basically something fun!

Events for women:

  • Many women don’t have much opportunity for fun get-togethers so the sky is the limit. Think crafts, music, theatre, food, hairdressing and esthetics and so on….
  • Skill training for women that may help their opportunities for employment.
  • Focus Groups for specific demographics of women.


  • Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). Take on a group or just help out for a few days at the CIDC English Classes.
  • Tutor a high school student in English or another subject.
  • Help out with the Compassionet Impact Library or take out a box of library books for a neighbourhood reading circle.

Community infrastructure improvements:

This option is dependent on local needs and opportunities, the engagement of local people and leaders and, of course, resources.  Some recent ideas include:

  • a community garden
  • playground improvements
  • an art wall or art installation
  • local garbage storage


  • hold a two-or three day free medical clinic
  • public health education
  • women’s health education