Sponsor A Student!

Mexico has free public education until the end of secondary school but the reality is that going to school still requires money. There are extra fees, uniforms and shoes to be bought, supplies and books to be provided. For many of the families we work with, even small amounts of extra money are beyond their means. Consequently, children drop out of school early. This is especially true for girls for whom education is sometimes seen as an ‘extra’. Instead, girls must stay home to look after younger siblings while both parents go to work. Teen pregnancies are the norm and the girls become uneducated mothers, many as single parents.

Compassionet Impact Development Canada counsels families on the importance of education. Based on attendance and successful academics, CIDC may provide financial sponsorship for young students who want to stay in school and additional incentives to their families.

Contact us directly or donate now to sponsor a student attending secondary school or to support a student attending college or a job training program.