Creating homes and transforming lives

When Compassionet Impact Development Canada identifies a family as in need of a house, the first step is to help them secure title to their land. In some cases, CIDC extends an interest free loan to the homeowner that can be paid back in small monthly payments. In other situations, the cost of securing the land may be covered by CIDC. Once the land is secure, the home-building phase begins.

See Homes for Families 2015 at CanadaHelps

Our model pilot houses are built from cement block, with a roof, windows and doors with:

  • iron grills
  • interior walls
  • a septic system
  • plumbing and electrical services
  • a basic bathroom and kitchen.

In general, homes measure under 400 square ft, with a covered space back and front. The basic plans may be modified to suit the lot size and the needs of the homeowners.

To see one of our 2014 home builds Click Here.

Our Canadian volunteer contractor works with local labourers, suppliers, vacationing volunteers and local volunteers. Having developed strong local relationships over the last few years, the CIDC can build a house from demolition to move-in day in as little as two weeks. Usually the families work alongside us and often provide food for the workers during the day.

The home building program is core to the work of Compassionet Impact Development Canada. Once families have a safe, decent place to live they have the energy to improve their lives in many other ways. CIDC is often then part of what happens next and works with the families to assess their priorities.